Thursday, October 7, 2010

kuantan gathering 20/3 to 22/3

it happen tis year 2010,march..
rite after our plkn,after 2 or 3 weeks..
there suddenly say want come kuantan,,wahaha XDD
funny leh...but its fun n happy for me n others,,
coz after the gathering..till now..
we still havent see each other yet..
i miss u guys damn damn much..^^
love the day we stay in the house,plays the cards,n a lots thing la..
wahaha XDD
love it..

1st day-20/3
su ling n stanley arive more early,around 12pm like tat,thr go ecm walk walk with zhen yu n san jie(8th sis)..
then around 4pm like tat,pei yee,layyu,shan kai,teh,sun,kin n some more is arive...
but me,zi hui n puiling r not free,thn my sis go n take thm..
wahhaa..tat time we listening undang,,,so bored..=(
but is very happy tat thr cuming..hahah XDD
wow,time past so fast..finish listnening the ****
then go back n meet thm...
rite after change my shirt,we go TC..
my sista n bro,but some of thm not here =(
me,8th sis,teh,kin..wahahXDD.
dunoe who take ts pic.==''
wee wang wang..<3
hehe,sorry sun..^^

b4 we move..8th sis n 1st sis write ger.^^
b4 we go take our dinner,take by shan kai(2th 姐夫)

after tat,we have a chicken chop n honeydew milk ice for our dinner
nice n yummy..we love it^^
aftre dinner,
we go walk walk around the beach n thn we goi mcd buy ice cream
the funny monkey
mcd time...
we back home after mcd time..wee^^
thn we rock our nite at 933 karaoke
cheong K..is a best thing for me..
wahaha XDD..
i remind tat i sing two times the'你最珍贵'
wee hihi^^
stand up..
we r hyper active..^^

our sweet sweet er jie n er jie fu^^

the girls n guys.^^

we went to sg.lembing,万佛殿,shopping,n zhenyu's house
(just c the pic la)

actualy wan go climb ger..
but..too late jor n is raining..
so din have lo =(
but we take a lots pic thr..^^

nice place...
n we scream like hell..
waahhaha XD
 thn,we move to muzium sg.lembing

wahaha XDD
wow...yeng leh^^

next station :
is a nice place...
the MOTORSIKAL tv show
oso got cum b4 leh^^

back kuantan de万佛殿
we go bai bai...^^

after that..
we went back n take a bath
thn send kin to terminal
he need to go back kl jor..
we feel sad..coz he just came 1 day ny..hiazz.=(
but we have a lots memory wif him
thn we go gai gai lu..
mega play bowling n ecm..

after tat,we go bakc home..
n wait till 7pm like tat..
we go zhen's yu house..
but tat time..
we all is veli veli veli tired jor..
hahaha XDD

okay..the last day..
we oredi tired
but we still go tc
have a breakfast at mcdonald
thn play lu..

this is teh weh sin
wakaka XDD
funny la him..sot jor ger..
waha XDD


yes..thne end is cuming
after tat,going back home take bath thn go eat...
after eat
send thm to terminal lo..
three days past reli fast..
memories will oways stay in my heart..
then end but no the last...
our friendship will 4ever n ever..
we must remember each others..

oh,my dear friendss
must take care n godd luck for ur future la^^
do the best,beat the rest
<3 <3


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